Eye twitching (or myokymia)

Eye twitching (or myokymia)

Eye twitching (or myokymia) is an involuntary eyelid muscle contraction, which typically affects your lower eyelid, not your actual eyeball. An eye twitch is usually nothing serious, though it could be annoying These spasms are pretty common, and may come and go, without an identifiable trigger.

Superstitions tell us that the left eye twitching means something bad is going to happen in our lives, while the right eye twitching means something good is about to happen. 

Science, however, provides us with far more grounded answers.

If your eye twitching doesn’t go away in a few days, it’s getting especially annoying, or feels like it’s getting worse- you should make an appointment to see your eye doctor.

A comprehensive eye exam will be performed to rule out eye diseases and conditions, such as dry eye or anything more serious. A thorough check for other symptoms that may be accompanying the twitching eyelid, such as sensitivity to light, or twitching that involves other facial muscles.

Rarely are  eye spasms  from a serious issue- but it’s not impossible. Very rarely, eyelid spasms are caused by a more serious brain or nerve disorder.

Minor Eye Twitch: A minor eye twitch is typically triggered by factors like the ones listed above, (stress, alcohol, sleep deprivation) and will go away on its own after a few hours.

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